I officially leave my town

Hello guys gue hari ini officially hijrah ke bandung. Sumpah ya gue gak prepare apa2 dadakan bgt. Gue sibuk nata hati sumpah. U know we left each others, i know it’s not lyk “LDR” yea cuz we aren’t in a relationship. So kita itu apa? Haha gatau. It’s lyk seriuously? We always talk “i love you” to each others. Oh really? I just don’t understand whats wrong with us. Susah bgt buat nebak lo gilak. And lyk….. I don’t even believe it tho. I don’t wanna believe it. Gue gak ngerti deh sama ini semua. Oh yaaa yesterday was my last date wif him. We’re about watching movie, ninja turtle. He borrowed me his jacket and covered it to me when i told him i was cold. It’s really beautiful. I don’t get it anymore, our head is just lyk falled back to each others. Omg it’s the best feeling ever. And we’re dinner at MCD. He told me that he wanna enstrust his shoes to me, but i went home and i opened the box, yea it’s not shoes but it’s a puppy doll. I can’t describe my feelings anymore but u should know that i so happy bout it. I really don’t understand what we are. Know we’re separated. We wouldn’t reach each others for a couple months. We’ll no longer talk. And i’ll meet him in a couple months too. I just hope that he’ll never change everything.

More and more

hello ppl, oh well whose ppl haha? really no one will read ma blog. so yaa hello my self, hello tumblr server, and hello somebody out there dat read this shity post. H-4 i’ll leave this town. and leave someone that really special for me. as u know i finally found someone that really attract me, oh god he’s the one and only right now. but if u read my previous post, i’ve explain to u that we can never ever ever be together. i really want to explain everything bout him but i kinda afraid to. i’m afraid that someone read this HAHA so why did i post here? on tumblr? the only reason is i’m too lazy to do handwriting on a diary books. i feel free here, i can post so many words that i want. so ya go back to ma story. i’m leaving on august 13, as well… he is. so we’re gonna leave this town together, and leave each others. i feel so sad about it cause we can’t reach each others for a couple months, i bet that i’ll suffering huhu. really i can’t imagine. i don’t know what should i do, every things are just so wrong, it worst. i bet he almost know what i’ve been feel, it’s ok tho. all i want is just to be with him. that’s a big deal

untitled as usual

day by day, this feeling are always grow, grow, and i don’t know. there’s a time when i feel like shit. i don’t know where he is or where he go. it suck when you’re waiting for him to reply your message. i know i’m not the typical girl like that, like a possessive or something lyk that. and i know i can’t be like that cause he’s not mine. i don’t know what to do, i just want to fill my lonely, so i talk to you and hope that nobody can see it. god, help me. i know we can never ever ever be together forever. it’s like a guilty pleasure. there’s a different between us, it’s like a huge wall. and i’ll never ever ever pass it. now i’m waiting. it’s suck. i don’t know if he treats somebody else the way he treat me. but you know everything is just sweet.

haluuu i want to share to you ppl hahaha lol whose that read my post. still the same person lyk my previous post. day by day, i feel so comfort with this guy. i’ve shared my life to him. he already know everything about me, so am i. i feel lil bit confuse with him. it always be a part from falling in love, yeah ‘guessing’ and be ‘curious’ haha yeah it’s not a big deal if i just admire him. but it will become a big deal when two person (me and him) fall in love to each others. i don’t understand, we talk about everything almost every day and night. but i don’t know if he do the same to another girl. okay i feel lyk weird now, fall in love with my best friend, guess that if he had the same feeling…. haha that’s so weird. yeaa now i feel so jealous when i got him try to flirt someone on twitter or yea whatever. hahaha lol okay that’s enough from me

haluuu… tonight i feel so…. yeah bad. i’m sorry my english was poor. i hope no one can see this lol. i just want to share my loneliness right now. i just don’t know what to do. i always need something to share, but i don’t want somebody to know that i… haha forget it. once again, i hope no one see this >.<

right now is 2am, i can’t even sleep. y know that i’m waiting for something. yeaaa something. and it’s so awkward. i don’t even know why can i start everything? i mean… this feeling. to this person. someone that i’m not supposed to. i’m in love with the wrong person at wrong time. omg everything goes wrong, haha how can i? and i’m not gonna telling somebody about this in detail, cause it’s so weird. we’re not supposed to.

okayy i’ll give you a clue, i’ve been shared everything u know ‘everything’ bout my life to this person. and know… i should hide this stupid things from this person. then to whom i’ve to tell? i’m the typical person that can’t hide something or i should tell some of my feeling to somebody.

i finally found my hero. lol. i’ve been stuck on someone for bout three years. is it crazy? huh? no? ok. and this shity person come into my life. but no, oficially no. in fact we’ve been know each others for a long time. but suddenly, this shity feeling comes to me. haha ur such a medicine. u bring me a happiness. i don’t even know… is it love? yaa i just know that right now, i need you so bad. i need you all the time, i miss u all day. you made my every day. and the last thing is, we-can’t-never-be-together XOXO

Hey youuu

I just need some spirit from youuu hoaahh my moodbooster

Seeeeeelaaaaamaaatttt malaaaammm kaaaaammmmuuu uudaaahhh tiiiduuuurrr yaaaaaaa gooodniiiiteeeeee aaaakkuuu maasssiihhh maaauuuu mmmiiikkkiiirrriiiinn kaaaammmmuuuu dddddduuuulllllluuuuu

This what i&#8217;ve scared the most😢

This what i’ve scared the most😢

Did you ever met/ founded someone that always or maybe often comes to you when they ‘just’ need something from you and after that they just throw you away like everything has done. I dunno it’s just my feeling or my negative sense, but i found some facts that show me and tells to me “yes, he really did”. You may punch his face, throw him away, or do the bad things such as revenge. But, how if that rude person is your crush? You can’t hide, you can close your eyes from the things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart from the things you don’t want to feel. It’s just like you give everythings that he want, he throw you away and you’re fine cause you love him. Isn’t fair right? Really…… I can’t hide my self😓

And tonight i’m not see u hearing the music like usually. I thought that something bad really happened to u. I won’t let anybody hurt you, officially 😥

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